SKD11 Steel machining parts
SKD11 Steel milling machining
SKD11 Steel precision machined parts


Material  SKD11 Steel
Specification Size 45*25*65mm
Process CNC Milling, Grinding, Heating Treatment, EDM
Hoze Size φ1.0 fine hole, M6 Counterbore Hole, φ1.5 discharge hole
Angel /
Accuracy Appearance ±0.02mm, Fine Hole ±0.005mm
Tolerance Appearance ±0.02mm, Fine Hole ±0.005mm
Surface Finish Nickel Plating
Quality Assurance 100% Inspection with Report, Material Report
Advantages Dedicated pass regulation
Because of the special shape, customers specialize in customized processing according to product requirements, which is unique.
Application Widely used in automotive product testing fixtures, electronic product testing fixtures, medical product testing fixtures, etc.
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