SKD11 Steel custom parts


Material  SKD11 Steel
Specification Size 135*120*30mm
Process CNC Milling,Heat Treament, Grinding, Wire EDM, Machinig Center
Hoze Size φ16 Precision Hole, φ2.5 Hole, M6 Counterbore Hole
Angel /
Accuracy Appearance ±0.02mm, Pin Hole H7
Tolerance Standard
Surface Finish As Machined
Quality Assurance 100% Inspection with Report, Material Report
Advantages The design of the fixture holder adopts the technology of wire cutting and machining center to ensure the position accuracy and smoothness of the parts, and lay the foundation for the smoother assembly of other parts.
Application Commonly used in automobiles, locomotives, bicycles, construction machinery, mold manufacturing, tooling assembly, frame manufacturing, etc. At the same time, it is often used in the manufacture of medical equipment and sports equipment.
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