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As a custom precision machining factory, we service a wide range of industries from automotive to medical to aerospace and beyond. The products are mainly used in customized automated assembly lines, which is part of what keeps your business exciting and innovative.

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SANS has been and continues to be one of our most reliable and consistent suppliers. They continually surpass our standards on quality and value. We would encourage other companies to utilize their services


We have placed several orders from SANS, they are professional. The sales Joan can point out my design mistake and give me suitable suggestions. The quality deserve the price. Good and Reliable Factory


This is Belliveau, we mainly provide innovative automation machine for customer, so all the parts are customized with low quantity. So I choose Sans, they mainly do the custom machining parts without MOQ, quick quotation and high quality all make me satisfy. If you have same project, SANS is a good choice


We are trading company for machine assembly service in Japan. I choose SANS, because their good quality and quick delivery. Maybe price is not the cheapest, but good quality and happy communication can save me lot time and cost



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