SKD11 Steel machining parts
SKD11 Steel machined parts


Material  SKD11
Specification Size 98*105*20mm
Process CNC Milling, Grinding, Heating Treatment, Wire EDM
Hoze Size M4 threaded hole
Angel /
Accuracy Appearance ±0.02mm, Precision Hole +/-0.01mm
Tolerance Appearance ±0.02mm, Precision Hole +/-0.01mm
Surface Finish As Machined
Quality Assurance 100% Inspection with Report, Material Report
Advantages The design of slider parts is that the mold basically needs to make oil grooves on the sliding parts, and the lubricant is used to ensure the smooth movement of the mold structure, wear resistance and lubrication.
Application It is widely used in injection molds and some special oiling fixtures in the electronics industry.
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