SKD11 Steel precision parts
SKD11 Steel machined parts


Material  SKD11 Steel
Specification Size 188*25*105mm
Process CNC Milling,Heat Treament, Grinding, Wire EDM, Machinig Center
Hoze Size φ8 Precision Hole, φ4.5 Hole, M5 Counterbore Hole
Angel /
Accuracy Appearance ±0.02mm, Pin Hole H7, Cavity 0.01mm
Tolerance Standard
Surface Finish Anodizing
Quality Assurance 100% Inspection with Report
Advantages This product uses Japanese SKD11 material, which has high hardness and abrasiveness after heat treatment, and has strong hardenability and good dimensional stability. It is suitable for high-precision long-life molds and fixture parts.
Application Hardware molds, injection molds and fixture parts
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