SKD11 Steel lathe parts
SKD11 Steel turned parts


Material  SKD11 
Specification Size φ98
Process CNC Turning, Milling, OD Grinding, Heating Treatment, EDM
Hoze Size M4 threaded hole, φ4, φ6
Angel /
Accuracy Appearance ±0.02mm, Precision Hole +/-0.01mm
Tolerance /
Surface Finish Nickel Plating
Quality Assurance 100% Inspection with Report

From the structural point of view, inserts are required for industrialization, and now they only make mold cores. Formwork outsourcing.

In terms of materials, different parts may have different strength and temperature requirements, and the inserts can give full play to.

In terms of technology, inserts bring convenience to metal processing, avoid complex processing, and can exhaust gas during injection molding.

In terms of interchange, inserts are used for wearing parts, which is convenient for replacement, saving time and money.

Application Widely used in electronics, automobiles, medical, home appliances, semiconductors and other product mold making.
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