How Is CNC Machining Changing The Modern Manufacturing Industry

With the continuous progress of social production and science and technology, new products emerge in endlessly. The machinery manufacturing industry is the foundation of the national industry, and the products are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, especially in important industries such as the military and aerospace, which have higher requirements for products. Obviously, some ordinary machine or highly specialized automated machine cannot meet. With the advantage that China has become the world’s largest country in the consumption and import of machine, the development trend of modern manufacturing in China has become unstoppable. (Advantages Of Outsourcining CNC Machining To China)

The application of CNC technology has not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, and made manufacturing a symbol of industrialization, but with the continuous development of CNC technology and the expansion of application fields, it has played a role in the development of some important industries for the national economy and the people’s livelihood. The more and more important role, especially the military industry, because the accuracy requirements of its products are quite strict.

Since its inception in 1940, computer numerical control or CNC machining has become the most used tool in almost every manufacturing industry. It proudly reminds us how long manufacturing technology has gone. Having said that, let’s take a look at how CNC machining is changing modern manufacturing.cnc machining

The following are the 6 characteristics that make CNC machining a manufacturing industry in this era.

1. High Precision

Numerical control machine are processed in numerical form. At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine has generally reached 0.001, and the backlash of the feed transmission chain and the lead screw pitch error can be compensated by the CNC device. Therefore, CNC machine can achieve high machining accuracy. For medium and small CNC machine, the position accuracy can generally reach 0.03, and the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.01.

The only possible cause of product failure is that there are some errors in the command input or the hardware itself, which can be easily corrected.

CNC machines are used in industries where products are critical. For example, medical equipment, automobiles and airplanes require high precision in the manufacturing process to produce high-quality products. Any errors in manufacturing may cause product failure, and may even cause personal injury or death. All these factors make CNC machining an ideal choice for rapid manufacturing with minimal errors.

2. Strong Adaptability To Machining Type.

When changing machining parts on a CNC machine, you only need to reprogram the program and input the new program to realize the machining of the new parts. This provides great convenience for single-piece, small-batch production and trial-production of new products with complex structures. For those precision and complex parts that are difficult or impossible to be processed by ordinary manual machine, CNC machine can also realize automatic machining.

3. High Degree Of Automation And Low Labor Intensity.

CNC machiningThe machining parts by the CNC machine is automatically completed according to the pre-programmed program. The operator does not need to perform complex repetitive manual operations except for placing punched tape or operating keyboard, loading and unloading workpieces, intermediate detection of key processes and observing the operation of the machine, labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced. In addition, CNC machine generally have better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices, and the operator’s working conditions are also greatly improved.

These machines perform a large number of specialized tasks, such as lathes, plasma and laser cutting, milling, etc. From customized parts to complete product manufacturing, CNC machine have become the most reliable mass manufacturing tool in every industry.

For example, the automotive industry can use CNC machine functions (such as custom metal manufacturing, paint coating, manufacturing support parts and creating functional prototypes) to mass produce cars. It also reduces the time between product design and manufacture of the final product.

4. High Production Efficiency.

The time required for parts processing mainly includes two parts: maneuvering time and auxiliary time. The spindle speed and feed of CNC machine have a larger range of change than ordinary machine, so each process of CNC machine can choose the most favorable cutting amount. Due to the structural rigidity of the CNC machine, it allows powerful cutting with a large amount of cutting, which improves cutting efficiency and saves maneuvering time. Because the moving parts of the CNC machine have a fast idle stroke movement speed, the clamping time and auxiliary time of the workpiece are less than that of the general machine.

When the CNC machine replaces the machined parts, it is almost unnecessary to re-adjust the machine, so it saves the part installation and adjustment time. The machining quality of CNC machine is stable, and generally only the first part inspection and sampling inspection of key dimensions between procedures are performed, so the downtime inspection time is saved. When processing on the machining center, a machine realizes the continuous processing of multiple procedures, and the improvement of production efficiency is more obvious.

5. Customization

CNC machine can provide ultimate customization for product dimensions and perform various tasks. All you have to do is to change some specifications in the data input, and then the CNC machine will create products with various sizes.

These machines also have various professional fields, such as 3D printers, custom lathes and milling machines, precision cutting, etc., which makes them ideal subtractive manufacturing equipment for every machine shop.

The industry usually needs to make some adjustments to raw material processing to save costs and increase productivity. With CNC machining, you can do it without stopping the entire manufacturing process.

6. Good Economic Benefits.

Although CNC machine are expensive and the depreciation of equipment allocated to each part during processing is high, they have the following advantages in the case of single piece and small batch production:

1) Save time for marking, reduce adjustment, machining and inspection time, thereby saving production costs.

2) No need to make special fixtures, saving machining equipment costs.

3) The machining accuracy is stable, the scrap rate is reduced, and the production cost is reduced.

4) The CNC machine can realize multiple functions in one machine, save plant area and plant investment.


To sum it all up, no matter what kind of products you manufacture, CNC machining will be the inseparable part of your manufacturing workshop. If you need precision machining but do not have a factory, it doesn’t matter, you can get products from us. As a factory with more than 10 years of experience in precision machining, we have always followed the principle of quality first, send us drawings for inquiries and reach a win-win cooperation.

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