CNC Machining Service In Green Energy Industry

Green energy is an important part of the energy system. Global energy demand continues to grow. Energy resources and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. Accelerating the development and utilization of renewable energy has become the only way for the world to respond to increasingly severe energy and environmental problems. Energy investment will gradually transition to renewable energy. In the next 10 years, green energy investment will reach 3.40 trillion US dollars, of which wind energy and solar energy investment will reach 2.72 trillion US dollars, accounting for 80%. By 2030, 54.1% of installed capacity will be renewable (including hydropower) and 37.9% will include solar and wind.

In addition to the aerospace and automotive industries, energy production is also one of the largest uses of CNC machining. This continuous energy production requires high-tech and advanced equipment, and requires more customized parts and assemblies. These complex parts usually need to be manufactured using sophisticated CNC machining technology. CNC machining will play the role of helping to build these systems and fast repairs. The production of these green energy technologies will require efficiency, and the machinery industry will have to participate. CNC machining has played an important role in creating these complex equipment.

Generally, CNC parts and advanced machining will improve the quality and efficiency of power tools and parts. This article will explore some of the main ways CNC has played a key role in this transformation.

Wind Power

wind powerWind power production requires durable parts that can cope with huge stresses while maintaining precision. Turbine manufacturers produce blades that can be used to handle wind pressure with minimal wear, while also producing parts such as large bearings that can adjust the angle of the blades. In metal and carbon fiber processing, the manufacture of these tools is very important. CNC machining enables these large bearings to be accurately manufactured.

For wind turbines and windmills, CNC machines that process reinforced carbon fiber plastic or glass fiber materials are required. In terms of materials, hollow glass fiber, aluminum and light wood can also be used for rotor blades. Most of the blade profile is very similar to the blade profile of an airplane, so these machines require quite high accuracy.

How CNC Machining Aids Wind Energy

  • The milling machine is used to process the holes in the heat exchange of the tube and shell
  • Gear manufacturing involves metal cutting, which can be accurately achieved by CNC machine tools
  • Multipurpose lathes are used for bearings, gearbox housings or rotors.

The technology required to manufacture wind turbine structures requires specific CNC machining processes, which may include:

  • Turbine blades
  • Hub
  • Pitch bearing (the reliability of the bearing is essential for safe operation, which is why CNC machining is usually preferred. The reliability of the bearing allows the wind turbine to optimize the angle according to the wind speed).

Solar Power

Solar PowerIn addition to the solar panel itself, there are many parts that need to be accurately manufactured, such as frames, rear rails and handling rails. Milling machines and drilling machines are ideal for this type of project, and many companies use their CNC machines exclusively for the production of solar panel parts. Even large-scale solar panel production lines contain multiple types of CNC machining, such as cutting and drilling, but require multiple non-CNC machine and processes that work simultaneously with the operator.

Since the production line may be large and gorgeous, many companies have now begun to provide flexible robotic arms that can handle shapes more flexibly. This is one of the methods for CNC machining to free up space on the production line.

Hydro Power

Hydro PowerWater turbines and generators are not only large machines, they must also be resistant to pressure and water damage, and be composed of metals of the same quality, usually using carbon and stainless steel parts. Companies all over the world use CNC technology to produce various parts, from simple shafts and bushings to turbine casings, impellers and covers.

In addition to turbines, CNC machining is also used in the development of gates for dams and hydropower stations. In some cases, the huge development of CNC machine tools has made it possible to produce or maintain certain parts on site.

Why is CNC Machining Popular For Green Energy?

CNC machining is a popular choice for the production of renewable energy parts for the following reasons:

  • High-quality finishes
  • Mass production
  • There may be large parts
  • Easy to produce on site
  • High precision and high consistency

Like many machine-made parts, components required in the energy sector will require extremely high quality and must be precisely designed to withstand high forces, temperature changes and corrosion.

Due to the speed and accuracy of the parts that can be produced, the renewable energy sector uses CNC machining as much as possible, and the green energy world is benefiting a lot from CNC machining and modern technology.

The Future Of Renewable Energy And CNC Machining

The current global energy market is facing a challenging moment, which highlights the importance of enhancing the resilience of economic development. EIA stated that governments should use renewable energy as the core of their economic relief plan to deal with the epidemic, avoid a rebound in carbon emissions, and use clean energy as the core of the stimulus plan is the best choice to revitalize the economy while building a safer and sustainable energy future. Now more than ever, the ability of CNC machines to reliably produce high-quality parts is needed.

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