What Impact Will Industrial Digitization Have On The Manufacturing Industry?

At present, the world is transitioning from an industrial economy to a digital economy, and the manufacturing industry is and will be in the historical stage of digital transformation and development, leaping continuously along the stages of digitalization, intelligence, networking, and automation.

In recent years, the proportion of China’s digital economy in GDP has increased year by year, reaching 32.9% in 2017, with a scale of 27.2 trillion yuan. The surging wave of industrial digitization has brought a huge impact on the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Industrial digitization refers to the process of digital upgrading, transformation and reengineering of all elements in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, with data as the key element, value release as the core, and data empowerment as the main line, supported and led by a new generation of digital technology. Next, we need to make precise efforts from five aspects: data element drive, technology platform support, brand value empowerment, ecological integration symbiosis, and precise government policy.

Some analysts pointed out that combining the advantages of traditional enterprises and Internet companies will enhance the operational efficiency of traditional industries and the ability to integrate with market dynamics, so that China’s related industries will not only exert their power in the intelligent manufacturing link, but also in humans. , Equipment, services, processes and other links are connected to form a value network intelligence capability and accelerate the overall process of the industry’s digital development.

Digital Transformation

In the process of digital transformation, manufacturing companies have to go through the entire process of digitalization of management processes, intelligent manufacturing equipment, production processes and production products, digitalization of end-to-end value chains, and industrial Internet platforms. Through collection, analysis, integration and utilization The data of all links of the enterprise value chain realizes the comprehensive integration, integration, analysis and visualization of the data flow to logistics, business flow, and capital flow. In this process, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies play a crucial role.

At present, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises has changed from being promoted by the government to the needs of the enterprises themselves, and has become an important strategic choice for enterprise development. In the process of specific practice, companies are also encountering corresponding challenges in mass sensors, flexible manufacturing, device interconnection, and factory brains. The arrival of the 5G era will provide stable and rapid network support for a new generation of intelligent manufacturing systems.

In terms of industrial collaboration, cloud brains can be built in various places with the help of the large bandwidth and low latency of 5G networks. High-precision operations are achieved through cloud brains and flexible joints, allowing industrial robots to move and grasp flexibly. In recent years, various links such as factory production, sales, and after-sales maintenance have begun to be connected to the Internet. The use of 5G networks to connect with enterprise ERP Internet of Things systems has become The general trend.

Take the equipment manufacturing industry as an example. Faced with the intelligent trend based on big data network of machines, equipment manufacturing companies have begun to seek predictive maintenance analysis of big data through 5G and AI-based artificial intelligence learning. Equipment operation history monitoring and abnormal detection provide early warning to strive for a longer response time and effectively prevent serious equipment failures and abnormal losses in the production process.

The road to transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is long and difficult. It is believed that under the joint promotion of people from all walks of life, the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry will “ride the wind and waves” and reach the glorious shore.

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