What Are The Requirements For Superhard CNC Precision Parts Grinding

Grinding of super-hard abrasive micro-powder grinding wheels can be carried out on CNC precision parts processing grinders. For precision grinding, it should be carried out on the corresponding CNC precision parts processing grinders. However, due to the small size of the fine powder abrasive particles, the grinder should have a micron level Transverse feed system to ensure the required grinding depth.

In fact, some requirements are placed on the grinder during the grinding of super-abrasive wheels. It is best to be able to grind on the super-abrasive wheel grinder. The requirements for grinding machines with superabrasive grinding wheels mainly include the following aspects.


  1. The grinding machine should have high precision. In the rotation accuracy of the grinding wheel spindle, the radial runout should be <0.001 mm, and the axial runout should be <0.005 mm. The main shaft bearing should be a dynamic pressure bearing or a combined dynamic and static pressure bearing, and a hydrostatic bearing can also be used. To ensure the machining accuracy required for precision grinding.
  2. The grinder must have sufficient rigidity, high stability and low vibration. The rigidity of the machine tool will affect the qualitative and vibration resistance of the hosiery for grinding, thereby affecting the durability and life of the super-abrasive grinding wheel, as well as the quality of the grinding process. Generally, the rigidity of the ordinary grinding machine is required to be increased by about 50%.
  3. It requires a good feed system with high precision, uniform and stable speed, wide speed range, high speed to ensure productivity requirements, and low speed to ensure grinding size, shape accuracy and surface roughness requirements. Generally, the minimum longitudinal feed rate should be O.lm/min or even smaller, and the minimum lateral feed rate (grinding depth) should be 0.001-0.0005 mm/8t (st^single stroke). For the grinding of micro-powder wheels, the horizontal feed speed of the grinder should be considered to match the size of the abrasive grains.
  4. The dressing of super-abrasive grinding wheels should be considered. The dressing of super-abrasive grinding wheels will involve some special devices, working fluids, and the needs of dressing parameters, etc., so that the machine tool has the possibility of modification.
  5. All moving parts of the machine tool, such as the main shaft rotation part, the feed motion guide part, etc., should be reliably sealed to prevent the entry of super-hard abrasives and cause serious wear.
  6. There should be a complete grinding working fluid treatment system to ensure the cleanliness and function of the grinding working fluid, so as not to affect the surface roughness of the machined surface, and prevent the unclean grinding work from causing abrasion to the moving parts of the machine tool.
  7. When grinding superabrasive wheels, low vibration is required. The machine tool should be placed on an anti-vibration foundation, and corresponding anti-vibration and vibration isolation measures should be taken. For example, the grinding wheel should be finely trimmed and balanced, and anti-vibration pads should be added to the contact between the machine and the ground.

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