What Are The Advantages Of CNC Porous Vacuum Suction Cups In CNC Machining?

In the CNC machining industry, porous vacuum suction cups, as an important thin plate clamping tool, have demonstrated many advantages in their design and application, making them an ideal choice for clamping thin plate shaped workpieces. Compared to traditional vacuum suction cups with sealing strips, porous vacuum suction cups show obvious advantages in practical applications, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Firstly, it is easier to clamp workpieces with irregular thin plates.

Due to the design structure of porous vacuum suction cups with multiple independent valves, corresponding valves can be freely opened or closed according to the shape and size of the workpiece, thereby achieving more precise and flexible clamping. This allows even irregularly shaped workpieces to be firmly fixed on the machining platform, effectively improving the stability and accuracy of machining.

Secondly, for brittle ultra-thin plate workpieces, it has better support.

Porous vacuum suction cups can provide uniform support on the entire surface of the workpiece by reasonably setting the position and number of adsorption holes, avoiding workpiece rupture or damage caused by local excessive force. Especially when dealing with fragile workpieces such as brittle ultra-thin plates, their support performance is particularly outstanding, which can effectively reduce the damage rate of workpieces and improve the success rate of processing.

CNC porous vacuum suction cups

Thirdly, the clamping process is fast and fast, with one click switch and instant adsorption.

The porous vacuum suction cup adopts hundreds of independent valve cores to control the working status of each adsorption hole. With simple operation of the control system, adsorption and release functions can be achieved. This one click operation method makes the clamping process more convenient and efficient, greatly saving production time and improving production efficiency.

In addition, the porous vacuum suction cup can also meet the requirements for milling through and breaking the workpiece.

In CNC machining, sometimes it is necessary to perform milling or breaking operations on the workpiece, and traditional sealing strip vacuum suction cups often cannot meet this demand. The porous vacuum suction cup can quickly identify and control the opening and closing of the adsorption holes, achieving rapid adsorption of the workpiece coverage area, thereby meeting the requirements of special processing operations such as milling through and breaking.

Finally, the porous vacuum suction cup allows for hollowing out of the raw material.

In some workpiece processing processes, there may be holes or hollow structures in the blank material, and traditional sealing strip vacuum suction cups are often unable to effectively fix this type of workpiece. The porous vacuum suction cup can effectively clamp the raw material by controlling the switch state of the adsorption hole, ensuring processing accuracy and stability.

In summary, porous vacuum suction cups have many advantages in the CNC machining industry, including easier clamping for irregularly shaped thin plate workpieces, better support for brittle ultra-thin plate workpieces, quick and fast clamping, ability to meet special processing requirements, and allowing blanks to have hollows. These advantages make porous vacuum suction cups an indispensable and important equipment in CNC machining, providing strong support for the development and progress of the processing industry.

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