Strength, Hardness, Elasticity, Toughness And Ductility Of Materials

When you select the right material for a project or product, it is very important to make a reasonable choice. It is not only the choice of this material but also the performance of the material. If you don’t have a better reference, use the following features to limit.


The material should be able to withstand the test of force in the application scene without bending, breaking, and deformation.


Harder materials are generally more scratch resistant, durable, tear resistant and indentation resistant.

brass machining


The ability of materials to absorb stress, bend in different directions and restore to the original state.


Whether it is convenient to process the persimmon into permanent shape? Although the persimmon is soft, it can be kneaded freely, but it will be finished after kneading. Another extreme example is that diamonds are too hard to be processed. Diamonds can be used to process others.


The force and deformation capacity in the length direction. The rubber band has good elasticity. In terms of materials, thermoplastic elastomers generally have good ductility.

Tensile Strength

Deformability before fracture or fracture.


Before cracks appear, the ability of the material to change shape in all directions tests the ability of the material to be plastic again.


The impact resistance of the material will not break or break if it is knocked suddenly.

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