Introduction To The Main Performance Of Tufram Surface Treatment Technology

Tufram was originally developed and put into use by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States. Since the beginning of this project, Tufram coating has been applied to every part of spacecraft. They are required to work in extreme environments, including vacuum to 10-6 Torr, temperatures from minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 73 degrees Celsius) to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius), and under extreme vibration environments. Today, they are used in vacuum packaging and some machinery that must work under vacuum.

Although Tufram coating was originally developed to solve the wear resistance and performance problems of aluminum parts on NASA aircraft, engineers around the world quickly realized that they can be used as a solution to the problems encountered by many aluminum parts, such as many Manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment.

As an innovative patent that can make aluminum show that the hardness is stronger than steel, a multi-step process, Tufram coating combines the hardness of ceramic thermal conductive sheet with the excellent characteristics of Magna Metal’s patented polymer, so that aluminum parts have The high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and permanent self-lubricity that can not be found in the list.

Because the surface performance is better than aluminum and other individual components during processing, the Tufram coating applied by Magna Metals is defined as “synergy”.

tufram aluminum machining

Features Of Tufram Surface Treatment


Tufram coating has much better corrosion resistance than conventional hard oxygen. Some varieties show extremely high resistance to most conventional chemicals and salt spray. Experimental tests proved that the surface was not affected by immersing in aqua regia at 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) for 168 hours. After a Tufram-treated surface is continuously exposed to air and salt water for a long time, there will be almost no corrosion. In addition, the enhancement effect of Tufram on high-strength aluminum exceeds the minimum 336-hour salt spray test requirement of ASM2482.

When the highest anti-corrosion requirements on aluminum are proposed, Magna Metal HCR is recommended, which can provide 40 times higher protection than required.

Wear Resistant

A smooth surface deposit produces the most wear-resistant Tufram treatment. The Taber abrasion test shows that the abrasion resistance of Tufram is much better than that of carburized hardened steel or hard chrome plating. No matter what other metal rubs the Tufram coating, it only wears very slightly.

Coefficient Of Friction

Sometimes the static friction coefficient will decrease as the force increases. Tufram eliminates “stick-slip motion” and vibrations caused by high sliding friction. For more information, please refer to the “General Magna Friction Data Guidelines”


According to the choice of Tufram type and the use of alloy varieties, the equivalent hardness varies from Rc40 to Rc65.

Adhesion And Impact Resistance

The Tufram coating adheres densely to most alloys, especially those containing magnesium. The impact resistance is only limited by the structural strength of the base metal that the Tufram coating should have.

Compliant with FDA/USDA/NSF/AgriCanada

Due to compliance with FDAUSDA, NSF, AgriCanada regulations, most Tufram coatings are suitable for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging, and some pharmaceutical industry applications.


Depending on the treatment process and the difference in the alloy used, Tufram can exhibit high strength, toughness and self-lubricating properties as low as minus 360 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 218 degrees Celsius), and can reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius). Intermittent work.

Non-stick And Release Performance

Very few solid substances, even adhesives, adhesive products or glues can permanently adhere to the surface of Tufram coated parts impregnated with patented polymers.

Self-lubricating Surface

The patented polymer immersed in the aluminum during the Tufram treatment smoothes the roughness of the aluminum surface and can provide a permanent self-lubricating surface, resulting in a great reduction in surface tension. Tufram coated parts exhibit longer anti-wear life, require less maintenance, and can reduce downtime and provide higher work efficiency. Corresponding parts in sliding or rotating motion will experience a sharp reduction in friction.

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Thermal Conductivity

Tufram coated aluminum has rapid thermal conductivity and cooling.

Resistant To Acid And Alkali Solutions

Tufram600 series coatings have super resistance to acid or alkali-containing solutions or gases. In the humidification test.


A newly formed surface is oleophobic and hydrophobic, and can resist the wetting of most liquids. Cleaning is faster, easier and more thorough. The parts become self-cleaning. Maintenance time and labor are greatly reduced.

Weather Resistance

Through the test of Tufram coated samples, they have been exposed to different weather conditions for several years, which proves that they can withstand all kinds of weather types. Tufram coating also has excellent resistance to ultraviolet light and extreme heat.

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