How To Improve The Quality Of CNC Turning Parts

  1. Before machining in the machining center, please use the calibrator to check whether the CNC blade shakes within the allowable dimensional tolerance. Before machining, use a hot air gun to clean the blade and lock the nozzle, or scrub the cloth to install the tool.
  2. The flow chart specification of CNC turning files should be standardized, including model specification, name, program process name, processing content, CNC blade specification, cutting speed, especially the reliable length of the tool holder, the embedded capacity of each program process and Its display lights, knives, have to be clearly raised.
  3. The specifications of the CNC lathe processing flow chart should be consistent with the reference angle orientation marked on the mold, and then check the 3D map above, especially the product workpiece that has been drilled for water, be sure to check whether the 3D map is consistent with the level on the product workpiece.cnc turning
  4. Before processing, you must master the content of the CNC lathe processing program flow. The program flow must have 2D or 3D3d textures, and the six-sided data information of “X length, Y width, and Z height” must be marked. “Z” value. It is convenient for the operator to check whether the program is suitable after machining. If there is a dimensional tolerance, the dimensional tolerance data information should be indicated.
  5. Reasonable use of special tools for CNC turning. Strictly distinguish the processing of stainless steel plates and copper male smooth knives. The surplus of the smooth knives should be effective, so that the finish of the product and the service life of the CNC blades become possible and stronger.
  6. When clamping, pay attention to whether the workpiece name, model specifications and flow chart specifications processed by the CNC lathe are consistent, whether the specifications of the raw materials match, whether the relative height of the clamping is high enough, and the total number of calipers used.
  7. The speed of CNC turning should be strictly controlled by the operator. The F-rate of the machine tool and the S-machine spindle speed should be adjusted effectively. When the F speed is fast, the S machine tool spindle should be accelerated. The feed rate must be adjusted in different areas. After machining, check that there is no problem with the quality, then you can get off the car for good machining.

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