How To Ensure The Accuracy Of Precision Parts Machining

Many companies’ newly developed products require high-precision parts machining and customization services, and models are made to verify during the development process. High-precision parts machining and customization are mainly used to test the rationality of product structure and user experience. Aluminum machining and stainless steel machining products require high precision. For aluminum machining with high precision requirements, or stainless steel processing, customers should look for a customized manufacturer of high-precision parts machining with advanced equipment.

However, how to choose a custom manufacturer for high-precision parts machining with small errors is a test for customers.

Many customers like to choose low-priced parts machining plants to cooperate, but they really can’t say anything in terms of quality. Only the high-precision precision machining center has less error and the detection effect can be more accurate. It is helpful to help companies develop new products in one go.

The machining process is the process of machining parts according to the drawings. There is more than one process. For a part of a mechanical equipment, a variety of processes are used to form the final shape. This requires enterprises and machining personnel to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each machining technology and comprehensively select a suitable processing technology. Reasonably improve the accuracy and service life of parts, and increase the qualified rate of parts processing.

The Reason Affects Accuracy For Part Machining

  1. In the actual machining work, the processing of high-precision parts also has higher requirements for tool installation and fixture devices.
  2. Machining is definitely inseparable from the machine tool equipment. The processing of raw materials is controlled by the machine tool. Long-term continuous use will more or less change the performance of the machine tool, which will affect the machining accuracy of the parts. The first thing to bear is the error of the machine tool guide. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to maintain the parts of the machine tool in a timely manner, especially the parts with high frequency of use and easy to wear.
  3. Geometric parameter errors. The machining of parts urgently requires the machining of machine tools and also needs to be considered for measurement. Because of the systematic errors of measuring tools, environmental errors or human errors, geometric errors will affect the machining accuracy of parts, and a small part of the reasons are machine tools. Old saying, but the same as before, timely maintenance, replace parts when necessary.
  4. Forced deformation. During the machining of the parts, the tool of the equipment needs to cut the raw materials. Due to the action of external forces, this breaks the original force balance of the parts, causing the parts to be unevenly stressed and mechanically deformed, reducing the machining accuracy .

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Solutions To Parts Machining Accuracy Problems

  1. Organize and perfect the factors that may affect the accuracy of parts during the machining. Comprehensively use professional skills to establish a complete set of processing rules and response methods to form an internal processing system.
  2. The machining process is the main part of parts machining. The staff need to strictly control the operating conditions of the equipment, and at the same time, check the eligibility of the part size carefully and responsibly. When there is a factor that affects the accuracy of the part, it needs to analyze the cause. The reason for the error is to adjust the equipment parameters in real time according to the processing rules set in the first item and the countermeasures indicated above to improve production efficiency while ensuring product quality and qualified rate.
  3. In precision parts machining centers, the machining process generally requires multiple tools. In order to ensure the accuracy of precision parts machining, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the replacement sequence of machining tools. Corresponding to the replacement of machining tools is the processing sequence. The general process principle is to make the datum surface first, then punch holes, first coarse and then finely divide the primary and secondary.
  4. In the process of precision parts machining, the processing of the datum surface is optimal, which provides a positioning reference for the machining of other surfaces. The reference plane for positioning in this process is the positioning reference for the next process. Therefore, after the positioning benchmarks of all processes of a precision part machining are determined, the sequence arrangement of the entire processing flow can be pushed forward.
  5. When arranging the processing sequence of precision parts, it is necessary to clarify whether this precision part needs to be processed or not. Pre-processing is usually finished by a CNC lathe. If the machining parts have high precision, the positioning is guaranteed, or the machining volume is sufficient, they can be processed directly on the machining center without pre-processing. This needs to consider the difference between the accuracy of the rough reference of the blank and the process of the machining center, which can be completed by several processes or one process.
  6. For the same reason, if the pre-processed surface and the operating surface of the machining center have different standard requirements, sufficient machining allowance must be left in the pre-processing. Finished in one clamping of the precision parts machining center, all the processing content including the pre-processed surface must also be included to ensure the final precision parts processing accuracy.

The current precision machining center has serious homogeneity of services. If you want to ensure that your own parts machining products will not be compared in the market, you have to keep your own service innovated, not only to be different from other suppliers, but also to ensure that it can improve the customer experience.

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