Correct Use, Repair And Maintenance Of Precision Measuring Tools

In industrial production, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of equipment parts and processed workpieces, the use of precision measuring tools such as vernier calipers and micrometers is indispensable in various types of production and processing processes. And it is precisely because of its precision, so when using, we must follow the standard and reasonable operation process. In addition, the repair and maintenance of precision measuring tools also have high requirements. If the measures are improper, the accuracy and reliability of the measuring tools may be damaged, and the user must master the correct method.

Requirements For The Correct Use Of Precision Measuring Tools

Not all equipment can be measured with precision measuring tools, such as forging blanks, or with abrasives, such as emery, etc., the surface of such parts can never be measured with precision measuring tools, as it is easy to cause The abrasion of the measuring surface of the measuring tool affects its accuracy.

Before measuring, check whether the measuring surface of the precision measuring tool and the measured surface of the part are clean. If there are foreign objects, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, the foreign objects must be wiped clean before measuring.

Due to thermal expansion and contraction, temperature is an important factor affecting the measurement results. When measuring, in order to ensure accuracy, the temperature of the parts and measuring tools must be kept consistent. It is best to measure at about 20 degrees Celsius at normal room temperature. When storing precision measuring tools, do not expose them to direct sunlight or get too close to a heat source, otherwise the accuracy will decrease due to thermal deformation.

When measuring parts on a machine tool, do not measure while the parts are in motion. You must wait until the parts are completely stopped before proceeding. Otherwise, not only the accuracy of the measurement cannot be guaranteed, but the measuring surface of the measuring tool will lose its accuracy due to premature wear, and it may even cause a safety accident.

As a measuring tool, precision measuring tools must not be used as a substitute for other tools. For work such as scribing, knocking and prying parts, cleaning debris or waste liquid, special tools must be used instead of precision measuring tools at hand for the convenience of the drawing. In addition, holding the precision measuring tool in the hand and swinging or rotating it is also an incorrect operation behavior, which easily damages the accuracy of the measuring tool.

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Correct Repair And Maintenance Of Precision Measuring Tools

In use, if any abnormal phenomenon is found in the precision measurement, such as unevenness, burrs, rust spots, etc. on the surface of the measuring tool, as well as various conditions such as inaccurate scale, bending and deformation of the ruler body, and inflexible movement, at this time, use The person must not disassemble and repair it by himself, and it is not allowed to use hammer, file, sandpaper and other rough methods to solve the problem. Not only can it not repair the malfunction of the measuring tool, but it will further increase the error of the measuring tool.

If the above situation is found, the correct way to deal with it is to take the initiative to send it to the measuring station for inspection and repair immediately. After overhauling and checking the accuracy of the measuring tool to be correct, then continue to use it.

During use, remember not to stack precision measuring tools with knives, hammers, files and other tools to avoid injury. Do not place the precision measuring tool on the machine tool, because the machine tool will produce a relatively large amplitude of vibration, which may cause the measuring tool to fall and damage it. Whether it is in normal storage or in use, precision measuring tools should be placed flat in a dedicated box to avoid damage. In addition, if it is close to the magnetic field, it will magnetize the precision measuring tool and cause inconvenience to the measurement. Therefore, when storing, be sure to use the principle magnetic field of precision measuring tools, such as the magnetic table of a grinder.

After use, the measuring tools should be wiped clean in time. Except for stainless steel or protective coating measuring tools, the surface of general metal measuring tools should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, and placed in a special box, stored in a dry place to avoid rust.

Even if it has not been used for a long time, regular verification and maintenance of precision measuring tools must be carried out. For long-term precision measuring tools, they must be sent to the measuring station for maintenance and accuracy verification on a regular basis, so that the accuracy of the measuring tools can be effectively maintained to the required standard.

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