CNC Machining Centers Advantages For CNC Machining Process

Efficiency is the king of manufacturing. CNC machine tools are the main tool to automate the production of mechanical parts to increase output and maintain consistent quality. The CNC machining center plays a vital role in improving the efficiency of the machining workshop. The machining center is a high-precision and high-efficiency integrated processing equipment. Through a single clamping, it can complete various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, and rigid tapping of various complex parts, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

This article introduces several main advantages of CNC machining centers and a brief introduction to our company’s machining centers.

The Main Advantages Of Machining Center

1. The machining center has high production efficiency.

Not only can it save the work such as marking and intermediate inspection, but also because of its automatic tool change function, it can usually save complex tooling, reducing the installation and adjustment of processing parts and the relatively complicated and cumbersome tasks such as multiple tool calibration. jobs. The machining center can select the best process line and cutting amount, effectively reducing the auxiliary time in the processing, thereby improving the production efficiency.

2. The machining center has high machining accuracy and stable machining quality.

The automatic tool change function of the machining center can effectively reduce the number of clamping times of the workpiece, reduce or eliminate the positioning error caused by multiple clamping, and improve the machining accuracy. When the position accuracy of each part of the part is required to be high, the automatic tool change function of the machining center can be very convenient and effective to reduce positioning and tool setting errors. It can complete the adjustment of each part in the process of one clamping and one-time tool setting. Processing ensures the position accuracy requirements of each processing part.

3. The machining center has strong adaptability and flexibility.

The machining center can easily realize multiple different processing procedures such as drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping, milling and grooving of box parts, so the contour shape can be particularly complicated or Parts whose size is difficult to control, such as fan blades, automobile engine cases and other parts. It can process complex curve parts and very complicated three-dimensional space surface parts.

4. The machining center can improve economic efficiency

One machine tool in the machining center integrates the functions of a variety of equipment such as milling machines, drilling machines, and tapping machines. It can reduce the number of machine tools in the enterprise, because one person can operate multiple machining centers at the same time, reducing operators and labor costs; In addition, it has a CNC machining center. It is also a concrete manifestation of the strength of an enterprise, which will promote more business volume increase, thereby improving economic efficiency.

cnc machining center

Introduction of SANSs Machining Center

We currently have 3 CNC machining centers, one engraving and milling machine from Beijing Jingdiao, and two medium and large machining centers made in Guangdong.

The engraving and milling machine can both engrave and mill. It is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine. Its worktable size is 730*400mm. The maximum moving range of XYZ axis is 600mm, 400mm, 350mm, and the maximum working load is 300 kilogram. The spindle speed range is 0-24000rpm. The overall size of the machine tool is 2200*2230*2300mm, and the achievable accuracy is +-0.005mm. Medium-sized machining center, the maximum machining size is 500*400mm. The maximum processing size of the large machining center is 1200*600mm.

As we all know, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the requirements for material properties (such as strength, hardness, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, compressive strength, etc.) of important parts in some fields are also increasing. As a result, the application of various difficult-to-cut materials becomes more and more extensive. The precision processing capabilities of the engraving and milling machine can meet the processing needs of small parts, especially for the medical, bioelectronics and other industries. Not only that, the engraving and milling machine has a variety of processing technologies for milling, drilling, and grinding, which can be widely used in more product fields. Mature multi-axis machining technology can effectively reduce machining difficulty, improve tool life, machining quality and machining efficiency.

The functions of the machining center and the engraving and milling machine are very similar, and both can do precision machining of metal or non-metal. However, they still have several main differences. The engraving and milling machine has a smaller volume than a machining center and is mainly used for finishing small milling volumes and small molds. It is suitable for processing materials such as copper and graphite. The machining center is used to complete the processing of workpieces with a large amount of milling.

The CNC machining center has a relatively high degree of automation. After each processed part needs a professional to process the drawing and write a program, the operator can start processing only after the operator selects the tool, sets the mold, and aligns the part. There are also certain requirements for professionalism.

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Our engraving and milling machines are 4-axis, medium-sized and large-scale machining centers are 3-axis, both of which can meet the needs of precision parts in many industries to a large extent. If there is a need for more advanced precision parts for aerospace, medical, etc., we also have a 5-axis machining center in our mass production workshop. Although five-axis has outstanding advantages over 4-axis and 3-axis, not all products are suitable for 5-axis machining. Those suitable for 3-axis machining are not necessarily suitable for 5-axis machining. If you use products that can be processed by three-axis The five-axis machining will not only increase the cost, but the effect is not necessarily good.

Only by making reasonable arrangements and formulating suitable machine tools for the products, can the value of the machine itself be brought into play, and at the same time, customer costs can be reduced. Especially because COVID-19 is threatening the progress and economic efficiency of enterprises on a large scale, reducing the cost of manufacturing parts is more important than ever.

If you have a need for precision parts machining, please send information to get a free quotation, and we will get back to you within a few hours.

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