Benefits Of Power Coating In Metal Fabrication

When manufacturing metal parts, you want to make sure that the product is as durable and beautiful as possible. Although there are several ways to improve the quality of metal machining projects, arranging for powder coating may be a good solution.

Powder coatings are usually a more advanced choice for completing metal manufacturing projects. Parts can be painted in a variety of colors and surface treatments, and are usually available at the same coating cost. Compared with the traditional spray painting method, it has many advantages and can improve the value and feasibility of the finish in various applications. Powder coatings are also more durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

What Is Powder Coating?

power coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process, usually used as a metal finish on industrial equipment. In which a free-flowing thermoplastic or thermosetting powder material (not a liquid suspension) is applied to the surface, melted, and then Dries and hardens into a protective coating. Generally, powder is applied to a grounded metal substrate by electrostatic spraying (ESD). Once the powder coating is completely applied to the part, until the powder is heated and fused into a smooth coating in the curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high-quality and beautiful surface effect.

Powder coatings can protect the roughest and most robust machinery. It provides a more durable surface treatment effect than liquid paint, while still providing an attractive surface treatment effect. It can be used on different surfaces including metal, concrete, steel and plastic. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and is one of the most cost-effective finishes.

Types Of Power Coating

There are two types of powder coatings, thermosetting and thermoplastic.

The finish of the thermoplastic powder coating becomes liquid when heated and is very soft. This eliminates chemical bonding. This process makes the powder coating both reversible and reusable.

Compared with thermoset coatings, thermoplastic coatings tend to be thicker and therefore more durable. Therefore, they can be used for many items such as metals, car parts and even refrigerators.

On the other hand, thermosetting powder is different in that once it is cured, it forms chemical bonds, so it cannot be recycled. It is suitable for high temperature areas because the combination between them will prevent it from melting. Compared with thermoplastics, this type is much cheaper.

machining parts powder-coatBenefits Of Power Coating


The coating process of powder coatings is very fast and efficient. You can spray the required amount of powder in one application, without waiting for each layer of coating to dry before applying the next layer. The drying process is also much faster than wet paint. After applying the powder, heat the part to 450 degrees to convert the powder into a liquid solid coating. Because there is no additional drying time, powder coatings are also cost-effective. Materials can be purchased according to the exact specifications of the project, which means that no materials and money are wasted.


The powder coating process produces a durable and durable hard coating that is both protective and decorative. Compared with most liquid coatings of similar thickness, powder coatings have better impact resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance. Powder coatings provide greater protection for parts or products, preventing scratches, chipping, and wear , Corrosion, fading and general wear.

The coating is more flexible than traditional coatings, and can produce some bending and deflection on vibrating and moving parts. The curing process produces a dense molecular layer that is combined with the metal object to be coated, thereby protecting the metal from rain, high temperature and abrasion.

They can also be used as electrical insulators and can withstand hundreds of hours of salt spray contact. For colored powder coatings, the color remains bright and bright even after being used in extreme environments. This durability makes powder coatings ideal for abrasive, high-flow or high-use areas, and reduces the need for future paint repairs or replacements.

Low Cost

The process of applying powder paint is much more efficient than paint. Due to the electromagnetic charge used to hold the powder on the part, there is almost no waste. The applicator can spray the exact correct amount needed, thereby minimizing waste. Because no additional drying time is required before the next step of the process, you can save time and money. The raw materials needed for the work can be purchased according to the exact size and specifications of the project, and the powder itself is cheaper than paint, further reducing costs. Finally, there is less storage space for powder coatings than paint cans, which means that storage space will be minimized.

Most powder coating operations require less time than painting or electroplating. This reduces labor costs, and the money saved is passed on to users. This also makes the work of powder coating processors more profitable. Similarly, powder coatings are a win-win for both customers and manufacturers.

Appearance Color Diversity

Powder coatings come in a variety of standard colors and customized colors to provide a perfect appearance for your parts or products. Black and white are the two most popular color choices for powder coatings. However, each color in the spectrum has a mix of off-the-shelf powders and customized colors. Powder coating can keep the color bright and bright longer.

In addition to no color limitation, you can even add textures and patterns through powder spraying technology, you can choose flat, satin, gloss, high gloss, metal, candy, transparent, iridescent, fluorescent, wrinkle, hammer and glitter effects. The choice of texture ranges from smooth surfaces to wrinkled or matte appearances, as well as rough textures to hide surface defects.

Environmental Friendly

Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than paint. Liquid finishing agents usually contain solvents called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which when released into the atmosphere cause damage to the environment, while powder coatings do not contain solvents. The waste generated during the application process is also very small, and any unused or sprayed items will be recycled and reused. However, painters should wear protective equipment when working to prevent inhalation of powder and prevent skin contact.

Corrosion Resistance

For metal products, rust is always a problem. Outdoor rain, rain, snow, sleet and hail severely hit them. Indoor products also suffer corrosion due to high humidity and water exposure. Since the powder coating equipment is completely covered, there is no chance for moisture to penetrate into the metal holes. There is no doubt that corrosion resistance is the main benefit of powder coatings.

Disadvantages Of Power Coating

Although this type of topcoat has many advantages, the disadvantages cannot be ignored. The problem is that to obtain efficiency and functionality, the correct surface treatment must be used.

Less Coating Control:

It is difficult to produce a uniform, thin coating, and it may be difficult to actually achieve the thickness or control the thickness of the coating. It may even make the thickness uneven, thereby affecting the overall texture. If the powder coating is lost, the powder coating process needs to be redone.

Correct Coloring:

Although recycling and reusing powder coatings is an advantage, it can also cause cross-contamination. This simply means that the colors may not display as expected, which reduces efficiency and may lead to mismatched modifications. If you do not use powder, please pack the powder carefully to avoid this situation.

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