What Is The Standard For Testing Before CNC Machining?

The CNC machining center usually does not need to use special fixtures and other special process equipment. When replacing the workpiece, it only needs to call the program clamping tool and adjust the tool data of the cnc machining center stored in the numerical control device, thus greatly shortening the production cycle. Secondly, cnc has the functions of a milling machine, a boring machine, and a drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated and greatly improves the production power. In addition, the spindle speed and feed rate of cnc are continuously variable, which is helpful for selecting the best cutting parameters.

Before we process any product, we must know what the testing standards of this processing are, because this can help us know whether the processing of this product is qualified and whether it is correct. All these can be known. CNC machining is the same, so before CNC machining what is the standard for testing?

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1. Divide The Center And Copy The Number.

 After each centering is completed, copy the working coordinate number first, and then check from the beginning to see if the distance between the center and the two sides is the same to ensure that the centering and copying are correct.

2. Select The Knife, Install The Knife, Set The Knife, Copy The Z Axis Coordinate Number.

Select the appropriate tool according to the programming list. Before installing the tool, clean the tool head and nozzle completely. After installing the tool, use a calibration table to check whether the tool has deflection. After the knife is copied, check it from the beginning to prevent the right knife from being wrong and the wrong number of copies will cause major losses to the company.

3. Transfer Program And Start Processing

Use single block execution before cutting, adjust the transmission speed and feed speed to the slowest, lower the tool slowly, watch the machine tool show the Z axis margin, check if there is any abnormality, if there is any abnormality Press the pause button immediately to find the reason and deal with the abnormality. After confirming that everything is normal, adjust it to an appropriate speed and start processing.

4. Whether The Machining Is Abnormal, The Knife Is Not Worn

During the machining process, take time to investigate whether the machining is abnormal, the knife is not worn, and if the tool is severely worn, the sharpening should be suspended to ensure that the machining is normal.

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