What Are The Requirements Of CNC Machining Centers For Clamps?

Fixtures are an indispensable part of CNC machining centers. Each CNC machining center will use fixtures, and according to different products to be processed, the fixtures used are also different, and the requirements for fixtures are also different. The requirements of the fixture are similar, but the requirements of the special workpiece for the fixture are a little different. The topic we want to discuss today is what are the requirements of the CNC machining center for the fixture. Let me introduce it below.

High Precision Fixtures

As we all know, the precision of CNC machining centers is very high, and they are generally used to process parts or molds that require high precision. For this, CNC machining centers also put forward requirements for high-precision positioning and installation of fixtures, as well as requirements for indexing and positioning accuracy.

The Fixture Should Be Convenient And Fast When Clamping The Workpiece

In order to meet the requirements of high-speed machining fixtures in CNC machining centers, fast locking power such as hydraulic and pneumatic is used, especially for workpieces with long machining time. A storage is attached to the general hydraulic clamping system, which can supplement the internal Leakage to prevent the workpiece from loosening on the fixture.


The Fixture Should Have Good Opening

The CNC machining center is processed by the contact feeding of the tool to the workpiece. The workpiece should be clamped by the fixture to provide a relatively spacious operating space for the rapid movement of the tool and the quick action of the tool change. Especially for workpieces with complex and multiple tool changes, the structure of the fixture should be as simple, convenient, fast and open as possible, so that the tool can easily enter and exit, and prevent the tool from colliding with the fixture workpiece during the processing movement.

Fixtures Should Have High Adaptability

We all know that CNC machining centers are mobile and multi-deformable, so the fixtures are required to have efficient adaptability to different workpieces and different clampin.

In addition to these above,we should consider the following:

Ensure that the coordinate direction of the fixture is relatively fixed with the coordinate direction of the machine tool.

Coordinate the dimensional relationship between the part and the machine tool coordinate system.

When the batch processing of parts is not large, combined fixtures, adjustable fixtures and other general fixtures should be used as much as possible to shorten the production preparation time and save production costs.

The use of special fixtures is only considered in mass production, and the structure is simple.

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