Methods Of Improving Plane Milling Accuracy

The machining accuracy of mechanical parts mainly depends on several important factors, such as workpiece, cutting tool, machine tool and processing technology adopted by processors. By analyzing the machining accuracy of plane milling, we have a deeper understanding of how to improve the machining accuracy of plane milling, which provides a reference for machining higher precision plane milling.

1. Control And Avoid Vibration

In view of the causes of milling vibration, the following measures can be taken to control and avoid vibration. The process system with sufficient rigidity shall be selected as far as possible, such as sufficient machine power, rigid fixture, reasonable milling cutter structure size, reasonable clamping mode, clamping force, etc. Before milling operation, reasonably adjust the clearance of each part of the machine tool, and pay attention to locking the unused feed direction during machining. Reasonably select the cutting angle and milling parameters of the cutting tool.

plane milling

2. Select Advanced Milling Cutter To Control Milling Cutter Accuracy And Installation Accuracy

Various advanced indexable cutters and integral milling cutters are selected to improve chip removal and control undercutting and overcutting. Before milling, measure the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy of the milling cutter and the tooth profile accuracy of the forming milling cutter, and carefully inspect the grinding quality after grinding. Test the installation accuracy after installation to ensure the rotation accuracy of the milling cutter after installation.

3. Select The Fixture With Corresponding Precision And Reasonably Select The Clamping Mode Of The Workpiece

For the clamping of small, thin and other deformable workpieces, the clamping scheme shall be set in advance, and the clamping position, clamping force and clamping device form shall be reasonably selected. The dividing head or rotary table selected for the workpiece with high requirements for bisection accuracy shall detect the bisection accuracy in advance, and optical dividing device shall be used if necessary. The special fixture shall be used for batch processing, and the milling allowance shall be reserved for the first piece for trial processing to test the fixture accuracy. For the clamping of large workpieces, the clamping scheme shall be designed in advance, and the clamping position shall be set to prevent deformation, so as to ensure that the workpiece maintains the correct processing position during milling.

4. Select Advanced Milling Methods

In plane milling, powerful and stepped milling methods can be used to improve machining efficiency and accuracy. If generating method can be adopted for machining, generating milling shall be adopted as far as possible. For example, the gear teeth of roller sprocket can be milled by using vertical milling cutter on vertical milling machine to adopt generating method for machining, so as to improve milling accuracy. The whirlwind and high-speed milling methods are adopted to improve the milling accuracy of spherical surface, spline and other parts. Flexible use of standard milling cutter modification, combination and other methods to improve milling efficiency and dimensional and shape accuracy. Optical and electrical measurement technologies are used to improve the measurement and inspection accuracy and effectively control the finishing allowance, so as to improve the dimensional control accuracy of milling finishing.

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