How To Control The Machining Speed Accurately and Effectively?

How to control the machining speed so as to improve the production capacity under the premise of ensuring the product accuracy in CNC machining?

Especially in the face of those orders with large quantities and short work periods, CNC machining manufacturers are actually facing the trend of high efficiency and high efficiency in CNC processing.

It mainly includes CNC machining rate control. It is necessary to control the processing speed of CNC machining in order to make the working schedule more efficient. Let’s talk about it in detail.

1. Programming Speed Control:

The working time for urgent parts may be only 1 day, but some machining manufacturers will simplify the processing path when programming, which may lead to insufficient precision of the workpiece, excessive burrs or uneven quality problems. This requires programmers to optimize the programming process reasonably to ensure the timeliness and quality of workpiece processing.

2. Automatic Throttle Control:

Reasonably set the curves in the machining process, such as analytical curves and non analytical curves, to be reflected in a digital way.

3. Soft Acceleration And Deceleration Control Equipment:

In CNC machining, the automatic control system is generally completed by the program of mechanical equipment. According to these methods, the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the system software can be changed, and the program flow of the CNC machine tool can also be modified according to the operation of the addition and subtraction method, so that local users can not make the CNC lathe have the best acceleration and deceleration characteristics according to their own intentions. Therefore, everyone mentioned a convenient acceleration and deceleration control measure based on the database principle, which divides the acceleration and deceleration operation into acceleration and deceleration description and implementation, and is separated from the system software program flow. This software has developed a universal maneuvering safety channel irrelevant to the acceleration and deceleration database query, which can independently calculate acceleration and deceleration and conduct motion trajectory manipulation.

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4. Fully Automatic Accelerated Automatic Control System For CNC Machining:

The acceleration curve, profiling curve and non profiling curve are created and stored in the acceleration and deceleration curve library as a scalar table as a template.

5. Full Automatic Speed Reduction Automatic Control System For Soft CNC Machining:

Speed up operation is stored in the speed up and speed down curve library files in the form of data reports. Reasonable automatic speed increase and decrease operation is particularly important to ensure the dynamic characteristics of CNC lathes. The traditional fully automatic acceleration and deceleration operation based on the fixed fixed curve is difficult to ensure that the whole process of acceleration and deceleration is consistent with the characteristics of the CNC lathe due to the lack of operational flexibility.

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