Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an advanced machining process that relies on the precise application of electrical sparks to produce a desired part shape or finish.

Wire EDM (WEDM) Machining is a variation of the EDM machining method that is often used for cutting plates or forming ties, tools or punches from harder metals that are typically not conducive to standard machining processes.

At SANS Machining, we have 3 high speed wire EDM machines, 2 Japanese Sodick wire EDM machines, 1 EDM machine, 2 Sodick EDM machines.


Sodick VL600QS/LN2 Wire EDM, machining size is 600* 350*272mm.

Sodick ALN400QS Wire EDM, machining size is 400x300x252mm. Machining accuracy can reach +-0.002mm.

Sodick AD32LS/LN1(30A) EDM, the precision can reach ±0.002mm.

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Our EDM Parts

EDM machined part

A mold insert, the material is SKH51.This is a test gauge used for testing fixtures.

The accuracy has strict requirements. The tolerance of each hole is required to be ±0.003mm, and the tolerance of spacing is ±0.005mm.

Because the product needs to be inserted into the square hole, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of the product, the surface finish is also required. After cutting once, we need to repair it three times to ensure the square hole finish requirement.

EDM machined parts

Connectors on the mold and one of the very important parts in the mold.

The precision of the discharge station is required to reach ±0.005mm. Each station needs to be made with an electrode for processing. Every processing point must be suspended for size measurement. Processing such a small part must undergo frequent self-inspection.

If you don’t pay attention, it is possible to produce NG. Every time the reference is selected, the feed amount, the current size, the degree setting, the correction data, and the electrode accuracy will directly affect the precision of the part, the smoothness, etc.

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