Advantages Of Thread Milling

There are many processing methods for threads. The general internal thread processing can be tapped with a tap, and the general external thread processing can be processed with different specifications of die. There are many advantages of thread milling. Let’s talk about the advantages of thread milling today.

(1) A thread milling cutter can process threads with different diameters and the same tooth profile

Different threads can be processed with a thread milling cutter by changing the interpolation radius, which can reduce the number of tools, save the tool change time, improve efficiency and facilitate tool management; And a knife can process left and right threads. Whether the thread milling cutter processes the left-hand or right-hand thread completely depends on the machining program.

Thread Machining

(2) Improvement of thread accuracy and surface quality

Thread milling is completed by means of high-speed tool rotation and spindle interpolation. Its cutting method is milling. The cutting speed is high, and the processed thread precision and surface quality are very high.

(3) The internal thread is convenient for chip removal

Milling thread belongs to chip breaking cutting. The chip is short and small. In addition, the diameter of the machining tool is smaller than that of the machining thread hole, so the chip removal is smooth.

(4) The machine power is required to be low.

Because thread milling is chip breaking cutting, the tool is in local contact and the cutting force is small, so the power requirement of the machine tool is low

(5) The reserved depth of bottom hole is small

For the threads that are not allowed to have transition threads or undercut structures, it is difficult to machine them with traditional turning methods or tap dies, but it is very easy to realize NC milling. The thread milling cutter can process flat bottom threads.

(6) Long tool life

The service life of thread milling cutter is more than ten times or even tens of times that of tap. Moreover, in the process of NC milling thread, it is very convenient to adjust the diameter of thread, which is difficult to do with tap and die.

(7) It is easy to achieve the secondary cutting of thread

The reprocessing of existing threads has always been a difficult problem in turning threads. After using thread NC milling, this problem will be solved. From the pure motion analysis, as long as the feed distance of each circle is fixed and the cutter is lowered from a fixed height every time, the processed threads will be in the same position, and the radius will not affect the thread depth (tooth height), so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of disordered teeth.

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