5 Requirements And Characteristics Of Good Cutting Wire

1. Good Mechanical Performance And High Cutting Efficiency

As a tool electrode for cutting, the cutting wire must meet the requirements of relevant mechanical properties. During EDM corrosion processing, the cutting wire needs to bear a certain tensile force and electric spark impact force caused by discharge. This tensile force and impact force must be borne by the material meeting a certain mechanical strength. If the strength of this material is too low or the fracture toughness is too low, the cutting wire will shake during cutting, Finally, the surface of the cutting workpiece will be unsmooth, and even lead to cutting line marks one after another, which will cause broken line in the worst case.

Especially for some metal parts that are difficult to cut, the greater the tension applied during cutting (the strength of the material forming the cutting wire), the easier it is to cut. In addition, the strength also plays a role in ensuring the function of restoring the straightness of the cutting wire. The cutting wire material with certain toughness is also beneficial to cutting the workpiece with slope. How to make the cutting wire material have excellent mechanical properties and ensure the high efficiency of cutting depends on the cutting wire manufacturer selecting appropriate processing technology and selecting superior copper and zinc.

2. Excellent Physical Characteristics, More Stable Cutting

These characteristics are determined by the basic composition ratio of the cutting wire material and the constituent metal of the core material. The physical properties here usually refer to the melting point of the cutting wire. The melting point is the key to improve the cutting efficiency, because the jitter of the cutting wire during discharge will produce instant short circuit effect. At this time, the discharge process will slow down. If the metal on the surface of the cutting wire is not ablated during discharge, there will be no gap between the cutting wire and the cutting metal, then the generated cutting scrap will not be discharged under the action of water, and the cutting wire will be burned, Affect efficiency and cutting. From the perspective of physics, the melting point is the basic property of a material. Once the material is determined, the melting point is determined.

However, if the impurity composition of the material changes, the melting point of the material will change, which will affect the final performance of the material. Therefore, if you want to make the melting point of the cutting wire stable, you need to use advanced processing technology and high-quality copper and zinc to ensure that the material property of the cutting wire is stable, The composition is stable, and the melting point is also stable, thus making the cutting more stable.

EDM wiring

3. Good Gasification Performance, Fast Cutting Speed

As an electrode, it is necessary to generate heat during EDM, and this heat is continuously accumulated on the electrode as the process progresses. If this heat cannot be discharged through other media in time, the cutting wire material with higher melting point will also be melted (the burning wire in the application field of cutting wire). Therefore, the material forming the cutting wire must have the function of carrying out these heat. As a conductive and thermal conductive carrier, cutting wire requires high-quality and stable conductive and thermal conductivity to achieve continuous cutting and fast cutting speed in the process of use, and this performance is guaranteed by the materials that make up the cutting wire.

4. Stable Geometric Characteristics, High Cutting Accuracy

As a tool, cutting wire must have dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability. The outer diameter of the cutting wire directly determines the surface dimensional accuracy of the cutting workpiece. Today, the design of the cutting wire machine also requires the cutting wire to have a small geometric error.

The final dimensional accuracy of the cutting wire is guaranteed by the dimensional accuracy of the drawing die, so the performance stability of the cutting wire bus is very important, otherwise, the dimensional accuracy of the cutting wire will decline due to the material performance fluctuation during the drawing process. Because the accumulated processing error can be adjusted by the machine itself each time, and if the size is not stable, the final cutting accuracy will also be unstable, because the cutting machine tools in the world today have not advanced enough to automatically adjust the cutting accuracy according to the outer diameter of the cutting wire.

In the final analysis, the geometric characteristics of the cutting wire should be guaranteed by the cutting wire manufacturer’s advanced processing equipment, stable material performance and perfect process flow.

5. Excellent Electrical And Conductivity, High Cutting Finish

EDM corrodes metal by instantaneous discharge corrosion. The shorter the instantaneous discharge gap, the higher the surface finish of the metal that is galvanically etched. Therefore, the ability of the cutting wire to withstand the instantaneous high pulse current and large cutting current must be required. Therefore, selecting high-quality copper alloy material and ensuring the performance of the copper alloy material can make the cutting wire have stable conductivity and thermal conductivity, and the higher the product finish.

To sum up, the nature of the material selected for the cutting wire and the processing process of the material determine the characteristics and advantages of the cutting wire. These characteristics and requirements of the cutting wire ensure that the cutting wire can play its high efficiency in the process of slow wire processing. A good cutting wire can truly bring value and meaning to customers only if it has the above five aspects.

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